Your Soul Already Knows What You’re Meant to Do

You just have to trust it and follow the simple instructions

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I’ve always found words fascinating.

They’ve always held some mystical power for me. The ability of letters to morph into words and sentences, which then create an image in my head has always seemed like magic.

How could it be that a movie formed in my mind’s eye as I made my way down a page?

It all seemed like a miracle.

Words have always had the ability to move me, to make me dream, and to make me feel something. Whether they lifted me up, motivated me, or broke my heart open, they’ve always made me feel alive.

But there’s one type of words I just can’t get enough of: quotes.

Not just any quote, though — inspirational quotes in particular.

I can spend hours scanning Pinterest or Facebook just reading, saving, and sharing quotes alone.

Words have always had a special place in my heart, and I’ve had a deep connection with them ever since I started reading, and later writing.

I always seemed to be able to understand and process the world best through words, and that connection has only deepened and become more accentuated over time.

Even today, I usually express myself twice as well in writing as I do in person, regardless of what I’m talking about. Something to do with the way my brain works and the way I relate to stimuli internally makes me hard-wired to communicate better when I have time, space and stillness to reflect on things and actually think about them before formulating a response.

I’m constantly reading and constantly on the lookout for words, phrases or quotes I resonate with and feel drawn to.

So when I was flipping through my journal today and came across a quote from Barbra Streisand, it meant something to me.

It read:

“You’ve got to discover you, what you do, and trust it.”

I was drawn to it immediately, because of the way it inspired me. But it was deeper than that, too.

It resonated with the stage of life I’m currently in, and that’s what really spoke to me.

I’m at the point in my life where I’m beginning to step into my truth. I’m finally starting to listen to the real me — the voice deep down that speaks to me about who I am, what I truly want, and what I’m honestly passionate about.

You see, for more than a few years now, I’ve shirked my dreams by telling myself I’m not good enough to really make them happen, or that they’re unrealistic.

None of that stuff really matters, of course, because in the end, dreams are dreams. They are deeply personal and deeply significant.

But my favourite part about people’s dreams is that they’re so telling of who that person really is.

I believe each of us has a purpose, and that purpose becomes clear to us in the form of an inner voice. The problem is that many of us ignore it or reject it or shove it back down to wherever it came from, like a dark secret we never want exposed.

We treat our inner guide as we would an enemy — defending against it and belittling it to the point of making it obsolete.

I am the perfect example of this.

I’ve spent most of the past decade ignoring the voice inside me that consistently prompts and guides me, trying to bury it deeper and deeper each time it surfaces.

I just recently began to understand that all I’ve needed to do all along is simply listen to it. That’s all it’s asking for. It’s actually quite clear and straightforward in its requests.

It’s when you refuse to stop and pay it the attention it’s requesting from you that life becomes difficult and messy at the very least; unbearably dull and meaningless at worst.

That’s why Barbra Streisand’s advice is so important.

Before you can follow your dreams and live life to your fullest potential, you have to let yourself be discovered in the sense that you get in tune with your innermost self — your soul, in my opinion.

That little voice inside you that tells you what you need to do won’t let you down. But you have to recognize it, accept it, and most of all, trust it.

My inner voice has always told me to write. So, here I am, typing away and hitting the publish button.

Now it’s your turn.

Whatever it’s prompting you to do — that’s the real you. Be that.

Life is an adventure, and learning is never finished. Sharing insights, experiences, and lessons learned to inspire your curiosity and creativity.

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