You Are A Writer

You have to start somewhere, and this might be the best place

Something exciting happened this morning.

It may be a small step in the grand scheme of things, but today, there was nothing cooler than seeing this message at the top of the page:

“You are a writer in The Ascent. You can submit stories to be published in this publication.”

I’m a writer!

I wrote something and submitted it to a publication I saw myself fitting into — and they liked it enough to accept it!

The Ascent Begins

Today I got my first article published with one of the fastest-growing publications on Medium, called “The Ascent.” They currently have over 75,000 followers, and more are joining each day.

I’m excited about this for a couple of reasons, one being that this is the first semi-big publication I’ve ever written for; and two, I believe it means more opportunity for me as a writer.

Of course, I could be totally wrong about that. Nobody knows for sure, and as in most cases, I think only time will tell.

However, I’ve been reading that getting accepted by a publication is, in many ways, beneficial to a writer on Medium (for obvious reasons — just as it is generally beneficial to get published anywhere).

For one thing, it increases your likelihood of being found, and therefore also increases your chances of being read. Rather than only being shared with my own followers (right now that’s less than 200 people), my writing now has the chance to be seen by over 75,000 people who follow The Ascent.

I understand that it doesn’t mean my article will be seen by everyone who follows the publication; just that it has a chance to. My post now goes from having 190 chances to be seen to 76,515 chances — and I think that makes a world of difference!

I don’t know what will happen

I am by no means an expert on writing or Medium or getting published or curated — or really any of it!

(Full disclosure: I have only been writing and publishing every day for three weeks now). I’m still at the very beginning of what I can only assume will be a long journey towards a sustainable writing career.

I currently have 36 articles on Medium, and none of them have been curated yet (meaning Medium hasn’t distributed them more widely on the platform by way of recommending them to readers whose interests line up with the keywords I’ve assigned to the story).

The more I’ve read about curation on here lately, the more unanimous its importance seems to be amongst some of the top writers on the platform.

The fact that none of my stories have been curated yet may not mean anything in the long run; or it could mean a lot. I’m not sure at this point, and that’s okay.

Here’s what I do know

It’s worth it.

The experience of being published is worth all the wondering, and worth braving all the unknowns.

It’s worth getting excited about — not because of the fame and fortune it’s likely to bring me (because it’s not!), but because of what it affirms to me about myself.

The Ascent is a publication centred around personal development, learning, and growth. It’s about people and for people who are “documenting the journey to happiness and fulfillment.”

In other words, it’s exactly where I want to be.

This is the kind of story I generally like to write, and the kind of story I’m naturally drawn to. I love learning about the world by reading about other people’s experiences, and soaking up their life lessons.

I like hearing about what others are doing, and how they accomplished what they set out to do (or how they didn’t accomplish it, and what they learned along the way). It’s like free education! And for somebody who loves learning, there are few things better than that.

Every time I read something with the theme of self-improvement, life lessons, or growth of some sort, my heart feels at home.

This is where I belong

Finding a publication like The Ascent inspires me, because it feels like there is finally a home for my work.

There are other people out there who like the same things I like, who love learning and growing and stretching themselves to become better versions of themselves, just like I love to do.

These are my people!

It all makes a little more sense to me — this constant desire to live a better life, to be more alive, to enjoy life more.

I’m not alone in this journey — and that might be the most exciting part of all!

Writer & dreamer with a passion for personal growth, travel and self-discovery. I write about my journey through life and its many adventures and lessons.

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