The Amazing Thing That Happens When You Finally Start Paying Attention

I’ve recently decided once again (for about the 50th time), that yes, I am a writer.

The Blank Page Battles Begin

Photo Credit: Erb Institute Flickr via Compfight cc

The point is, I’m doing it. I made the commitment, and now I’m going to follow through.

A Simple, Yet Profound Question

Part of my “I’m a writer again” journey has been to re-do the writing courses I signed up for a long time ago, to help me get focused again and to help bring the message I want to share with the world back to the forefront.

My Shame Speaks

You see, for a long time, I’ve been ashamed of the fact that people are constantly asking me what I’m currently doing with my life. To me, it meant that people see me as uncommitted or unreliable. I’ve feared that people see me as unpredictable and volatile.

Rediscovering My “Thing”

It was at this point in the lesson that Jeff brought up the revelation Derek Sivers had once had, that what’s obvious to you is amazing to others.

The Path Becomes Clearer

When I realized this, I couldn’t believe how much it opened up for me. Maybe this is my specialty. Maybe my constant quest for self-improvement and personal development is my expertise.

It’s amazing what can happen when you finally start paying attention to what your life is telling you.

Life is an adventure, and learning is never finished. Sharing insights, experiences, and lessons learned to inspire your curiosity and creativity.

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