Sometimes You Need a Day to Do Nothing

A “wasted” day can end up being the most important of all

It’s dark out this morning, but it’s not completely black.

I can see rooftops of white — the freshly fallen snow that arrived in a blizzard yesterday.

It started with rain, which turned to wet snow, which turned into the biggest snowflakes I’d ever seen! They were swirling around, falling in every direction, coming straight for me!

I leaned on the windowsill overlooking the parking lot for probably ten minutes yesterday afternoon, just watching the snow come down. It was mesmerizing. Some of the flakes made a beeline directly for my face, only to hit the glass and melt, or slide down towards the sill.

Everything became so quiet and still. It was beautiful — and as we soon found out — the perfect day to stay inside and watch from there.

Having gotten a start on our Christmas shopping, I had a couple more things in mind that I wanted to look for, and we thought we might be able to find them in town.

I got bundled up, put my boots on, and we headed out into the white — only to discover that it was more of a soupy mess out there!

It was beautiful, yes, but it sure wasn’t much fun to walk through! The wet snow was slippery, and I almost fell multiple times on the short walk to the main street. Cars were going by, spraying wet muck towards the sidewalks, and loonie-sized snowflakes were taking target practice at my eyes.

I was wearing a big hood, with my coat zipper done all the way up to my chin, and somehow the snow was still getting down my neck and pummelling my face. It wasn’t the most pleasant walk we’ve ever taken in the snow, that’s all I’ll say.

We made it into Shopper’s and looked around, eventually settling on those few little gifts we’d had in mind. We also grabbed some chocolate covered almonds, which was actually the main reason we’d braved the weather in the first place — we needed a chocolate fix.

With that now covered, we headed back out into the storm.

Despite how good it felt to get some fresh air (which I also needed), by the time we made it home I was glad to be back inside, getting cozy for the night.

It was the perfect rest day — quiet, peaceful, lazy, warm and cozy. We spent the day relaxing, cuddling on the couch, drinking coffee together, taking naps, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, and brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for our families.

Sometimes, that’s the type of day I appreciate the most, especially because it’s not often that we get those kind of days all spring, summer, and fall. Weekends are usually my busiest time during my work season, and I’m rarely even home, let alone completely free to do nothing.

As boring as they may sound, I cherish days like yesterday.

Sometimes, they are exactly what my soul needs — and it’s okay if that’s what you need, too.

Every day doesn’t have to be productive. Every day doesn’t have to be busy.

Some of the best days are the ones where we do the least.

Life is an adventure, and learning is never finished. Sharing insights, experiences, and lessons learned to inspire your curiosity and creativity.

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