How a Personality Test Revealed My True Self and Helped Me Thrive

And why it may help you too

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Have you ever felt completely disconnected from yourself, like you don’t really know who you are?

Almost as if your body — the thing constantly running around, scurrying from place to place and striving to accomplish one task after another — wasn’t really you?

For many years now, I’ve noticed feelings like these operating in my life.

At one point, the feelings of disconnect and meaninglessness became too great to ignore any longer. The questions I was really longing for an answer to began to surface, demanding my attention.

I reached a point where I could no longer just go from task to task or place to place, trying to find where I belonged in this world and how I could contribute, without knowing anything about myself.

There was a time when I truly felt like I didn’t know much about the most important things, like, for starters, who I am as a person, what my personality is and how it factors into the equation, and what my values are. (Those are certainly not the only facets you can use to discover more about yourself, as I later found out; but they are crucial pieces to the puzzle of “you.”)

The realization that I didn’t know myself very well initiated a period of deep soul-searching and introspection. Basically, I was searching for self-awareness.

I figured that even if these things didn’t help me nail down a specific career path I wanted to take, they couldn’t do me any harm.

Knowing more about ourselves on a deeper personal level benefits us — but it also benefits others whom we share our lives with, because of how it can boost effective communication.

A few years ago, I once again became interested in personality studies, and how personality affects our daily interactions as well as greater aspects of our lives, like our career choices.

I’d minored in Psychology in university, having always found humans and our behaviours fascinating, and specifically remember studying personality.

While reading an article online, I stumbled across a link to a free personality test, and was immediately drawn to it. I was blown away by the information it revealed and how accurate I felt the findings were in most areas of my life.

My results and the personality type I discovered myself to be (INFP) made so much sense to me, and really resonated with me. I finally felt connected to myself again in a way that I hadn’t for years — or maybe ever! As I read through the pages of documented information on my personality type, I began to realize who I really was.

But the impact of taking this simple test was much greater than that.

Knowing this about myself has brought a sense of clarity to my life that didn’t exist before. Knowing what my personality type tends to be particularly good at has re-established my former dreams and given me the conviction and belief in myself to pursue them.

It’s also made a world of difference in how I go about interacting with others.

Being able to share things about your personality with your significant other upfront, from the beginning, changes the entire dynamic of your relationship. It sets a much clearer, more straightforward tone, and makes building the relationship so much easier. Plus, when you’re able to verbalize who you are and what you stand for, rather than the other person having to try to figure it out for themselves along the way, your chances of success are much greater.

If you’re like me, and not always the best at verbalizing your discoveries or thoughts in person, you can always send articles or facts about your personality type to the other person, giving them a general overview of you and how you’re likely to react to certain situations or approach different topics.

This not only helps you both learn more about each other, but it’s also fun to discuss the ideas and facts you read about in an article or study with your partner. (At least, it’s been fun for me. Maybe that’s because of my personality type…)

What I’ve learned from taking more of an interest in myself is that in one way or another, self-awareness and understanding is crucial to living a fulfilling, meaningful life.

We’re all unique. Even people with the same personality type are very different human beings, shaped by different experiences and environments. That’s why learning more about who you are, what makes you tick, and what you value is key to your personal growth.

As Joel Mark Witt of Personality Hacker said,

“Understanding that each of us have a unique personal growth path seems obvious, and yet, self-help authors and teachers often teach a one-size-fits-all model of growth.”

If I hadn’t gotten more intentional about personal development and self-discovery, today I’d likely still be going through life wondering why I feel so disconnected.

I still have a ton to learn about myself, but I’m certainly better off than I was a few years ago.

As a result of studying my personality type more closely, I now know that I grow the most through adventure and exploration. I feel the most alive when I’m experiencing new things, learning, and allowing my natural curiosity to run wild. Mundane routine is not my friend, and I can’t thrive in that type of situation or environment.

“As an INFP, you will bring the best version of yourself to the world when you get outside your comfort zone and explore every aspect of life.” — Joel Mark Witt

As I’ve started to realize, being interested in learning more about yourself isn’t selfish or self-indulgent — it’s necessary. It’s the only way we can truly serve others and be of benefit in a world of possibility.

Plus, it’s fun!

Why wouldn’t you want to learn more about yourself? You’re the one you have to live with for your entire life, so why not learn to settle into yourself.

Life is an adventure, and learning is never finished. Sharing insights, experiences, and lessons learned to inspire your curiosity and creativity.

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