Believe That It’s Possible, And It Will Be

My ongoing journey from negativity to possibility.

Allison Burney
6 min readNov 13, 2019


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For many years now, I’ve thought about writing.

Writing has been there, in my thoughts, daydreams, and deepest desires for over a decade now. Probably even before that.

I’ve imagined what it would be like to be a successful writer, and the kind of lifestyle that title would grant me.

I’ve imagined what my life might look like as a full-time writer — what my days might involve, where I might live, and what I might write about.

When I was a kid, I admired writers like J.K. Rowling, thinking she must be part magic herself. How could anyone create such a fascinating fantasy world, yet have it be so relatable that the characters became your friends, your family? Her talent mystified me.

Later on, I became drawn to more personal writing and non-fiction. I began to love memoirs, especially those written by strong women who weren’t afraid to tell their stories, no matter what the world thought of them or who tried to silence them.

They did things worth writing about — whether that was taking a solo journey around the world, or facing their own demons and telling the story of how they won their inner battles.

These kinds of stories (and people) fascinated me, and their influence on me only solidified my desire to follow in their footsteps, hopefully someday impacting others with my own words.

Even though these writers and their work served as evidence that writing was both possible and a meaningful career choice for me, I was not immune to all the doom and gloom that surrounded it.

Despite all the warnings that abounded about how writing for a living is extremely difficult, and how almost nobody makes it, and how hard it is to get published (or even read, for that matter), I couldn’t help it.

It didn’t feel like I chose this; it felt like it chose me.

I’ve spent the past decade doing everything except for writing — talking about it, dreaming about it, taking courses on it, reading about it, following the journeys of other writers, consuming and digesting their advice, etc.



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