4 Lessons I’m Taking With Me Into 2019

2018 was a year of adventure, challenge, change, and most of all, growth.

Here are the most important lessons the year brought me. I hope to always carry these forward with me because of the true value and significance they have for my life as a whole.

1. Developing Positive Habits is Key

2018 was also the year I stopped dreaming of being a writer, but not writing. Until this year, I’d spent more time talking about wanting to be a writer and thinking about what it would be like to be a writer than I’d ever spent actually writing. I’d write the odd time when I felt moved to, or start keeping a daily journal on a trip, only to let it fizzle away after the first few days.

2. Take Care of Yourself, Because Only You Can

You are responsible for you, not for others. The world will always tell you what you “should” do — what’s best for you, what path you should take, what choices you should make, how you should live. Other people will always give you their advice, whether you ask for it or not. People love to stick their two cents where they don’t belong.

3. Don’t Wait

When you figure out what’s important to you, you must act on it now.

Taking steps in the direction we want to go is the only way to get there.

I’ve waited years to start writing, and now, looking back, I have no idea why.

4. Don’t Make Decisions Based On “I Don’t Know How”

Saying ‘yes’ to unknowns in life can be totally terrifying.

Not knowing how isn’t a problem — unless you let it make your decisions for you.

Anytime I get caught up in fears around being inexperienced at something, I’ve started to remind myself that “I don’t know how” isn’t a permanent state. It can change the moment you decide to change it.

Writer & dreamer with a passion for personal growth, travel and self-discovery. I write about my journey through life and its many adventures and lessons.

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